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Protect Your Property:
Solve Drainage & Excavation Issues – Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties

Tired of soggy yards and basement leaks? Cox Enterprises eliminates water problems for good. We serve Towson, Parkville, Dundalk, and throughout Baltimore County, providing expert drainage and excavation services to protect your property. Don’t let poor drainage damage your home’s foundation or create unsafe outdoor spaces. Our team is here to help.

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    End Water Worries, Enhance Your Property

    • Slow drains or frequent clogs
    • Foul odors near the tank or drainfield
    • Soggy patches or standing water in your yard
    • Gurgling sounds from drains or toilets
    • Sewage backup in your home

    If you notice any of these problems in Elkton, North East, or elsewhere in Cecil County, Cox Enterprises has the solution! Our skilled technicians will pinpoint the issue and implement an effective repair to restore your septic system’s performance.

    Septic Repair Company Cox Enterprises

    Expert Solutions, Lasting Results
    From Assessment to Cleanup

    • Regrading & Slope Correction: Ensure proper water flow away from your home
    • French Drains & Trench Drains: Intercept and redirect water to prevent pooling
    • Swales & Berms: Create natural drainage pathways for effective water management
    • Foundation Excavation: Protect your home’s structural integrity with expert digging services
    • Sump Pump Installation: Add an extra layer of protection against basement flooding
    • Erosion Control: Stabilize soil and prevent landscape damage due to water runoff

    At Cox Enterprises, we don’t just fix problems; we prevent them from recurring. Our process ensures lasting protection for your property:

    • Thorough site assessment to identify drainage issues
    • Tailored solution plan based on your property’s unique needs
    • Expert installation using industry best practices
    • Careful site cleanup and restoration

    With our excavation and drainage services, you can have peace of mind knowing your home and landscape are safeguarded against water damage.

    See Why Homeowners Trust Us

    Amazing work done even when it wasn’t the easiest job! Thanks again so much!! Very reasonable prices too! – Christy P. of Havre De Grace, MD

    6 Frequently Asked
    Drainage & Excavation Questions

    Q: Will excavation and drainage work damage my property?

    A: We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible and always restore your property after the work is complete. Our goal is to protect and enhance your home and landscape.

    Q: How much does drainage correction cost?

    A: Costs vary depending on the extent of the issue and the solutions needed. We provide transparent, competitive pricing and work with you to find the most effective option for your budget.

    Q: Do I need a permit for drainage work?

    A: Permitting requirements vary by location and project scope. We have extensive knowledge of local regulations and will handle any necessary permitting for you.

    Q: How long does drainage installation take?

    A: Project timelines depend on the complexity of the issue and the solution. We’ll provide an estimated timeline before beginning work and keep you updated throughout the process.

    Q: Will septic repairs damage my landscaping?

    A: We use minimally-invasive techniques whenever possible to limit disruption to your property. If excavation is needed, we’ll discuss the plan with you and restore the area after repairs.

    Q: What are the signs I need professional drainage or excavation services?

    A: Look for pooling water, soggy areas, foundation cracks, water stains in your basement, or a musty smell indoors.

    Ready for Dry Basements & Safe Yards?
    Let’s Talk Solutions!

    Schedule your free on-site assessment and take the first step towards a worry-free property. Our excavation and drainage experts are ready to analyze your issues and recommend effective, lasting solutions. Contact Cox Enterprises today to protect your home and enjoy your outdoor spaces without water concerns.

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